• Store both cold or heat in an easy way and quick handling
  • The rock is made from a soft stone, will not scratch your glasses
  • The ice that never melts, will not dilute your drink
  • Ice cube can be used again and again and again…
  • Perfect to bring on vacation to countries who has polluted or bad water
  • Easy way to place the rocks in the freezer to store cold quick or put them into the microwave to heat them up
  • Approved to be used together with food and beverage
  • Excellent and convenient product which make the rocks exotic, easy store cold and keep the heat effect, quick as well

Of course do we only use the best quality of Steatite (Soapstone) why we offer lifetime guarantee.


How do I use Ice Cube of Sweden?
Just store them in your freezer and when you need to cool a beverage or keep one cool pull them out and drop them into your glassware.

Can they be used to cool coffee, tea or soda?
Yes! They will work in any type of liquid.

How long will they chill my drinks for?
Long enough for you to enjoy it.

Is Soupstone safe?
Yes, Soapstone is the only non-porous, odorless, tasteless, natural and food safe stone used in the home.

Are the stones reusable?
Yes. After each use just rinse them off in the sink and place them back in the freezer.

Ice Cube of Sweden

You can buy Ice Cube of Sweden directly from the website. One box comes with 8 cubes.


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